The Sons of Men

Autumn's Monologue 1/?

On Bloody Sunday, Carmen Montelisa is found dead and Shelly is proven right. Shane killed her and left her body on the altar of her church. There were postmortem injuries and her mouth was stuffed full of cigarettes. “Sadist” is written in her blood across the altar.

He calls Eliot and tells him about how he feels during Revenge Week. How he feels everything the victims feel until he settles on who he’ll kill and goes through with it. He insists that she deserved it and Eliot believes him.

Eliot and Moya start working on an experiment to see if they can find a way to control Shadow Shane.

Shelly calls in the others too look at Gavin to see what they can figure out. Parker and Owen recognize it as the same M.O. of the demon that possessed their sister, Autumn. He and his mentor, Harley, killed her. Harley insisted it was the only to cleanse the body of the demon. Owen disagreed with it then. With the new evidence he’s sure it was wrong.

They have a birthday party for Eliot. Shane sneaks into Eliot’s room to give him a present and let him know everything is okay.


bluejack404 Phaestus

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