The Sons of Men

Autumn's Monologue 2/?

I'm not stalking you. Well, actually, I am.

Oh6 sans the absent Shane take Will out to see if they can sniff out One. Owen yells at them to stop at an abandoned warehouse. He insists that One may be inside, so Parker kicks open the door and the group searches the place. Upon finding nothing, Owen admits that he thought saw Autumn in here. They find her handprint on one of the windows.

Liam gets home from work and is approached by a dirty homeless guy. He eventually recognizes the guy as Jeremy Kinsler, another kid from their class. Remy admits to being on drugs and that he took some coke to stay up all night. He says that Liam might be in danger or that something bad is about to happen to him and a kid. Liam denies the presence of any kid. Remy asks if Liam wants to get high, so Liam invites him in. They talk. Liam tells him about Will and laments the ugliness and weirdness of the child. Remy calls him a bad father. Liam begins to believe that Remy can see the future. Somehow, Liam manages to be creepy enough that Remy leaves.

He heads to a meeting he has with Nancy at Scryin’ O’Brien’s. There, John feels bad for him and offers him a job keeping an eye on the office. Remy accepts it, but says that if something goes down, he’s gonna run. John says that’s fine.

Moya lent her gloves to someone.

Nancy sees Remy have some sort of seizure, then he insisted on going with John and Shelly to see the group. They allowed it probably because they couldn’t think of a good reason not to. There was awkwardness at first, but then the group realized that Remy seemed to know a bit about the supernatural as well. Although, he kept insisting that he did a lot of drugs and he shouldn’t be trusted.


bluejack404 Phaestus

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