The Sons of Men

Dream Catchers 1/2

I don't think God really cares if I'm shot or not.

Moya, after speaking to her mysterious contacts again, asks Liam if Amelia received any gifts. He admitted that they’d been fighting about money a lot until she got some sort of scholarship, but he didn’t know any of the details on it. The two of them headed out to get smelly supplies to deal with the Mankaki.

Owen performed a miracle. He said a prayer and laid his hands on Shane, healing him of near deadly wound almost instantly.

Oh6 all meet up at Scryin’ O’Brian’s. Everyone is amazed by Shane’s recovery. Owen says it wasn’t him but God that did it.

They discuss the Epicurean Club and decide to table that problem until the legal fallout is over with and everyone’s that’s going to jail is there.

Moya finally tells the others what she’s learned about the Mankaki: The coin they found is 1/3 of a summoning pact. It’s usually given along with a gift. And, the kicker, two other 7-month pregnant women disappeared under similar circumstances around the same time. They realize they need to get all three of the coins.

Moya goes back to her mysterious contacts to retrieve the one she gave to them.

Owen, John, and Shelly go to the house of one of the women to see if they get one. They find a little girl, Lucy, in horrible circumstances. Since her mother’s disappearance, her father has sunk into addiction and all but ignores her. Luckily, he aunt comes by to check on her daily. Lucy wears the coin around her neck. Owen trades her his cross for the coin and tells her the cross will protect her.

Liam, Parker, Eliot, and Shane head to see Ira. He lets them into the evidence locker to get the third. The woman was single and had no family, so everything ended up in here. Her house isn’t even there anymore. It was leveled to build the parking lot for a church.

Back at Liam’s, Shelly performs some sort of post-cognition on the coins. She hears the coins talking and repeats it for Moya to record. As she’s repeating it, the coins fly to the closet door. She stops as the group doesn’t feel ready to face the Mankaki just yet.

Moya sends it to one of her mysterious contacts. He tells her and she informs the group that it’s some sort of Native American language. It seems to connect the Mankaki to Samhain. Parker makes a demon circle just in case. They decide to get a dreamcatcher in addition to everything else.

John interviews and gets an assistant to help since he’s now doing more hunter stuff. A certain overachiever known as Nancy Curry.

OOC: The group decided to use some of their practical XP to get the Net tactic.


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