The Sons of Men

Dream Catchers 2/2

Congratulations. It's a boy.

Shelly enlists the help of John and Moya to do more research on the Shadow. Moya sets up an IP logger on to help them locate the slasher. Shelly looks within the group since they were the last ones in the farm where the Shadow’s mark was found. Owen looks particularly good with his religious background.

When Shelly returns home, she finds flowers with a card signed “S”. At first she wonders why Shane would send her flowers, then she realizes that S must stand for “Shadow”. She finds out what shop the flowers came from. None of the fingerprints match anyone on the team. John got Oh6’s prints after everyone visited his office. Shelly discovers the stems were cut with something rusty and starts to think it’s not the Shadow because everything they know about the Shadow says he takes better care of his weapons. They head to the flower shop and the clerk says they were purchased with cash, but it was an ugly, retarded looking guy. Across the street, they discover CCT cameras. They show their badges and get access. The footage distorts when the suspect is in the frame, which shouldn’t happen because it’s digital.

Shelly remembers the reason she started investigating the slasher phenomenon. When she was in college, her boyfriend was torn apart while the roommate was almost untouched. The CCT in the dorms showed the same sort of distortion. She realizes it must be the same person, not the Shadow at all. This new slasher has a crush on her. John stays to comfort and they rediscover the passion they had for each other in high school and have sex.

They find out that Ana is filing for divorce and suing Salvatori for emotional damages

The next day, Parker teaches the group how to Net their enemies. Then they have a combination celebration/birthday party for Liam.

That Friday, they meet at Liam’s to deal with Mankaki once and for all. Shelly and Moya play rock paper scissors to see who has to sleep with the coin under their pillow to start the process. Shelly loses and sleeps with the others watch. She dreams of a young boy who tells her that it’s vulnerable to iron. Specifically, cold iron. They decide to put off dealing with it for one more day so they can get cold iron weapons.

Owen believes the weapons will be more effective if they forge them themselves, so Shane manages to get use of the First Auto shop to work. Shane ends up helping everyone after he finishes making a bat for Eliot.

Back at Liam’s with their new weapons, a dreamcatcher acquired through Moya’s mysterious contacts, and the skunk fogger Moya made, Shelly starts the chant. The coins fly to the door again and then they fall. Shane opens the door and sees a path lined with thorns. A kid, the one from Shelly’s dream, comes running down the path toward them screaming that it’s coming.

Shane grabs the kid and puts him to the side out of harm’s way.

The Mankaki doesn’t come through the door. It just… was suddenly there. Posing as members of the group. Shane accidentally stabbed Moya. Then Owen started up the fogger and forced it to show itself. They put the dreamcatcher on the closet door and closed it to keep the Mankaki from running. It seemed to work as a ward. After being fogged, the Mankaki was much weaker. As John and Shane thoroughly killed it, it said, “my time is at an end.”

After some questioning, it became clear that Amelia was long dead and this kid, who called himself Two, was Liam’s son.

Shane: “Congratulations, it’s a boy.”


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