The Sons of Men

Foie Gras Faux Pas 1/3

I don't have a happy place! She was taken away.

The next day, Moya shows up at Shane and Eliot’s house with some more information on the Mankaki. It seems to appear every ten years after a long hibernation that occurs after it’s meals. It lives in nooks and crannies in the earth and greatly dislikes bad smells. Like, more than the normal person dislikes them.

She again leaves the group to talk to her mystery contacts about where it might be while the group makes plans to get stink bombs.

Looking more into Thomas Salvatori, Oh6 discovers that he created the foei gras recipe that will be served at the dinner. Some people believe you can gain power by eating parts of people. The group worries that the livers may not be those of ducks after all.

They decide to hunt down Johnathan Harker O’Brian, their homecoming king, to talk to Ana since she hates all of them. They discover that he’s now a self-employed Private Investigator. Scryin’ O’Brian’s.

Meanwhile, Liam starts to freak out a bit about Amelia.

Moya: “Shh! It’s gonna be okay. Just find your happy place.”
Liam: “I don’t have a happy place! She was taken away!”


bluejack404 Phaestus

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