The Sons of Men

Foie Gras Faux Pas 2/3

So, Foie Gras is people?

On Monday, Shane heads to the library to do some research on Thomas. He discovers that Salvatori is friends with a few other members of the club; Biba Caggiano, Charles Trotter, Jesse Gislason, John Kinsella, Paulo Monti, and Martin Yen. That’s about it.

Shane mentions it to the group and Parker says he’s seen the accounting files for Yen and Trotter at work. Yen runs five Asian restaurants and Trotter is a real estate investor.

John meets with Ana at a kitschy little diner. She, while bragging about her fabulous husband, lets it slip that he owns 37% of Briarwood Farm in Immokalee, a farm used by the Epicurean Club.

Through the phone tree, everyone discovers that Moya plans to meet with John at his office later, so they all crash it. A it turns out, John is also a hunter. They discuss wither or not to bring another of their old classmates, Shelly Martin-Singer, into the fold. She’s FBI and could be useful. Moya asks her how to kill a vampire and they discover that she’s also aware of the supernatural. They all agree that this is no longer coincidence.

Shelly tells them she’s working on the Shadow case.

They discuss their Salvitori case and decide to head to the farm that evening. It’s quite a drive and about 7 o’clock by the time they get there. All of the workers are gone for the day. Shane and Moya notice cameras all over the place. Moya picks the front lock and heads inside with John, Shelly, and Liam. They investigate around, finding not much, and Moya finds the security room and erases Oh6 off the tapes.

Shane, Parker, Eliot, and Owen go around back to the holding cells for the “geese”. Shane picks the lock to get them inside and they discover the cages are far too large for any animal besides a person. The smell inside is awful and the small cubicles are full of human waste. They take a few pictures and just as they’re about to leave, a delivery truck arrives, giving them not much time to hide.


bluejack404 Phaestus

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