The Sons of Men

Foie Gras Faux Pas 3/3

Don't worry. I'm a veterinarian!

Moya and her group see the truck on monitors and rush around back to help while Shane and his group hide in a janitor’s closet.

From the truck, out come two drivers and two workers. They open up the back and start leading a group of Haitian children into the cages using cattle prods.

Moya throws a rock and distracts one of the workers who goes off to investigate the sound. John uses that time to sneak up on another and drag him away from the group to tie him up. Liam sticks with that one to keep an eye on him. Shane ends up killing one by slashing his throat with a paint scrapper, then tearing open the wound with his hands after he is nearly fatally shot in the chest. Another dies after Parker “shows him his sins” and he tries to run, but slips and cracks his head on the side of the cage.

Shelly calls for back-up and sends Oh6 away so they won’t get tied to the carnage. She tells the other law enforcement that one of the men turned on the others. Later investigation shows that the Shadow left his mark in the blood on the floor. Was he there before or during the fight?

Liam, who’d gone to school to become a veterinarian, tries to patch up Shane’s wound. He calls Ira, his Network Zero contact in the Miami-Dade Police Evidence Lock-up to get some Oxy-Contin for the pain.

Parker and Shane play Halo while Moya tries to break into a satellite phone that one of the guys had and Shane used to bash in one of their heads. She manages to retrieve the contact list and discovers that Salvatori’s number was the last one dialed. That’s all the evidence Shelly needs and Salvatori is arrested.


bluejack404 Phaestus

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