The Sons of Men


What? I made sure it wasn't alive before I ate it. That's all I agreed to.

Owen and Liam head out to get supplies to make breakfast since Shane and Eliot aren’t real big on keeping their kitchen stocked. Kate eats the only thing she can find in the fridge. Rotten eggs. Less surprising than the group would like to admit, she is unharmed by this.

Meanwhile, both Parker and Shane start feeling sick at work.

Owen starts blessing the house. It’s a prayer that should protect the house from anything supernatural. Just as he finishes, the kids scream and run outside. Will, in his blind panic, hurls Shane, who’s come home early sick, into the fence. Kate and Will run up a tree across the street. Shane and Liam have to get them down.

Shane tries to take them back into the house, but he can’t bring himself to go in, so he takes the kids for ice cream instead. While they’re gone, John, Shelly, Owen, and Liam wonder if the kids can be saved at all. Eliot stands up for them.

Owen and Shell go to the church to discuss Shadow. When they get back to the house, they talk to Eliot, presenting him with evidence and suggesting that Shane is Shadow. Eliot denies it. They call Shane to come back home and step into the house. Shane picks up that there’s something wrong from talking to Shelly.

When he gets back home, he refuses to walk into the house and he and Liam take the kids out to see a movie. When they get back, the ward has been dispelled.

A storm gathers outside as Shane admits to being Shadow to save Owen from having to lie for him. He tells the group that he started doing it because of the Ghost. It was venturing further and further away from the room to get it’s prey and bring back bigger things. He was afraid it would eventually eat Eliot, so he started bringing back people for it to eat. People that the world was better off without.

Shelly agreed to cover for him and not bring in the FBI if Shane promises not to kill again. He acquiesces.


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