The Sons of Men

Safehouse 2/2

"I love you." "I know."

John’s office is broken into by someone using very rusty yet sharp blades. He writes in blood “She’s not yours.” They check the footage, but, despite it being digital, there are distortions consistent with VHS on the video over the perpetrator’s face. Shelly admits that this person seems to have been stalking her for some time.

After some investigating, it seems to be one of their old classmates by the name of Simon. Only Owen and Shane remember him at first. Owen recalls that he was a burn victim. Shane remembers that everyone pretty much ignored or made fun of Simon. That Simon had a crush on Shelly, but she wouldn’t even look at him.

They discover that, in addition to killing Shelly’s college boyfriend, he’s also been kidnapping girls that look like Shelly. John realizes he’s just sent Nancy to watch Simon’s house and she fits the type perfectly. Shane and Liam pick her up and bring her back to the safehouse. Despite Shane’s warnings, John sends Nancy to go stay with family. She is taken off the train.

Moya’s mysterious sources give them a possible location for his hideout. It used to be part of an airport, but it’s abandoned now. They cut the lock and head in, intent on saving Nancy. As they’re nearing the sound of Nancy screaming for help, Shane realizes that Simon is right behind him.

Shane turns and hits Simon hard in the face with a chain hanging from the ceiling and the battle begins. Simon nearly guts John, removing him from the fight along with Owen as Owen tries to save him. Shane, Liam, Moya, and Parker try to catch Simon rather than kill him. They get him immobilized.

Simon admitted to Shelly that he loved her. She said she knew and shot him in the head. Shane felt that was a bit hypocritical seeing as how she was so against him killing anyone. Especially since most of the group still didn’t know a thing about Simon. So, he left a message in Simon’s blood near the body. It was clearly Shadow style and it said, “This is a symptom. You are the sickness.”

When Shelly found the message left by Shane, she told the FBI to go pick him. She didn’t believe that Shane could control himself. Liam managed to warn Shane, so Shane left with Kate. Strangely though, the FBI never showed. Shelly went to see her contact, Gavin, to find out why. They found him in his hotel room, hooked to the ceiling with horseshoes. He’d been gutted and his entrails spelled out, “Hi!”

He’d wanted Shadow to be his catch, so he’d never forwarded any of the information.


bluejack404 Phaestus

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