The Sons of Men

The Kids Aren't Alright

I miss the days when we didn't know so many people who ate other people.

Liam, unimpressed and vaguely upset by Two’s appearance reluctantly agrees to name him. He calls him Will and refuses to sleep in the same room with him. Liam takes the couch at Shane and Eliot’s while Will takes the bare mattress in the now unhaunted third room. Since the house is safe and Liam’s apartment has been torn to shit, he decides to move into the house.

In the morning, Shane takes Owen back to the church for services. He tries to get Liam to get Will ready for the day so they can hit the hardware store to get supplies to turn the basement into Will’s room. Liam refuses and makes excuses about Will needing his sleep. When Shane gets back, they can’t find Will. Eliot finds him in the backyard with blood on his mouth and hands. He’s playing with a dead bird. He says he was hungry. They tell him about how eating living things is not good and he should just ask for food. Shane tries to get Liam to get Will cleaned up, but Liam says he should go get some breakfast, leaving Shane and Eliot to take care of the kid.

They do and then the go get the supplies they need. Everyone except John and Shelly show up to help with the renovations. Owen starts building a fence around the front yard for added protection. Eliot helps him while the others work in the basement. Shane gets Will to help by having him hold stuff and fetch tools, teaching about what they’re doing.

Eliot and Owen notice a girl across the street. In her arms, she’s holding a dead cat. Eliot goes inside to get help. Shane comes out and approaches the girl. He finds out that she calls herself Three. She says her brother is inside and she wants to see him. Shane gets her to put down the cat and explains that eating cats is bad. He tells the others that he thinks she must be the daughter of the single mother. She had no family to return to. He takes her inside and gets her cleaned up, nervously. He talks her through how to take a bath and gives her some of the clothes they got for Will. He names her Kate.

Moya checks on Lucy for Shelly. She discovers Lucy hiding under the porch. Inside, she finds Lucy’s father dead and partially eaten. Lucy says her little brother did it. It becomes apparent that Oh6 was not prepared to deal with the fallout from the Mankaki and that these kids may not be okay.

Kate and Will don’t get along. They act like territorial animals until Shane gets them to promise to be nice to each other. Moya helps him with Kate. After Shane shows them how to eat with a fork, Kate eats part of the fork. Will eats a nail. They realize that things, not just food, seems to be digesting in their mouths.

Moya and Shane discuss whether or not the kids are human at all. Ultimately, they decide that they should give the children a chance to act like people before just killing them. Shane makes them promise to follow the rules. If they do, the group will protect them. Kate reluctantly agrees.

Moya has to put Kate in time-out after Kate tries to eat a squirrel in the backyard. It’s quite tense, but ultimately turns out okay. Afterwards, Shane takes both Kate and Will downstairs to work on the room. He makes them work together, hoping to foster a feeling of teamwork between them and combat the animosity.

Oh6 starts trying to figure out what to do with “One”.


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