The Sons of Men

So, nobody here finds it strange that his fiancée was kidnapped into the closet?

4xp for everyone

+1 heroic xp for Owen

14 practical xp divided evenly = 2 each

You have been invited to assist in the planning of our five year reunion. Amelia Lucero, our former Class President, was tragically killed and is now unable to fulfill her duties so the Vice President, Nancy Curry, has taken over. We will be meeting at Cafetería La Isla at 1:00pm on Sunday afternoon.

They were Coral Gables Class of 2006 intellectual elite. Honors students and members of the International Baccalaureate program. Though they hadn’t exactly been friends, they all knew what it was like to be the smart white kids in a predominately latin school.

It was a small gathering. Amelia was supposed to send out the invitations, but her “death” caused a hiccup and most people couldn’t make it due to the short notice.

Moya Reagan’s crush on Shane Holly was re-ignited with some extra fluid when she saw him drive up in his ‘59 Fury. In school, she’d found his quiet creepiness strangely alluring. And now, he’d traded in his glasses and dress shirts for cigarettes and oil-stained jeans. Sher herself hadn’t changed much, she still loved computers.

Henry Buchanan remained an odd, quiet boy. The espresso at the cafe only served him to make him twitchy.

Madison Kane, former bully to the bullies, had calmed down and become an accountant. His brother Owen became a priest.

Elliot Laurence, Shane’s half-brother, was a night security guard.

Anastasia Feist, still fussy and self-important, was now rich, fussy, and self-important.

Liam Bell was the talk of the reunion though. He’d been engaged to Amelia Lucero, the former Class President. When Nancy suggested a moment of silence for Amelia, Liam was quick to point out that she wasn’t dead, just missing.

Plans were made to look into some sort of day trip to the Keys and Moya was put in charge of creating a website. Shane managed to set up a Goldberg-esque “trap” that caused Ana’s coffee to spill on her lap. In a huff, she stormed out, threatening to call her lawyer.

Once she was gone, he noticed that she’d dropped a card. It was an invitation to a fancy dinner party. The outcasts of the class—Shane, Elliot, Liam, Moya, Madison, and Henry—discussed ways to crash the party as they got to know each other, almost for the first time as none of them had ever really been friends in school.

Madison: “Hey, it’s Holly, right.” Shane: “No, Madison. It’s Shane.” Madison: “Oh, I don’t go by that anymore. It’s Parker. My middle name.” Shane: “Then I’m sure you understand.”

They discovered from Liam that Amelia’s disappearance case had been closed. The cops thought Liam was crazy and Amelia had just left him. Liam told them it was because the evidence just didn’t make sense. He wouldn’t give them more at the coffee shop, so Shane suggested they go elsewhere.

As they were about to leave, Owen Kane showed up. There seemed to be some animosity between him and Parker, but when Owen heard that Amelia may have been strangely kidnapped, he agreed to go with them.

Shane led them to the Miami Science Museum, to a small abandoned wood. There, Liam explained that Amelia had been kidnapped by a beast with toxic needles for fur who stole her away into the closet and vanished. Shane asked if Amelia’s skin fell off. When the answer was no, he asked to see the closet.

They all headed to Liam’s apartment. They learned that she’d been seven months pregnant when she was taken. Moya found some sort of talisman among Amelia’s things. Owen, using the power of God, looked for some sign of the supernatural. He found none in the closet, but noticed something wrong with Shane and Elliot. Elliot was glowing slightly and Shane seemed to have this darkness clinging to him.

When he asked about it, the two of the clammed up. Until Owen asked if they’d been around any strange presences. Shane admitted that their house may be haunted by something that takes away the insides of small animals, but leaves the skins.

At this point, Parker wondered aloud, “Are we all actually doing this? Do we really believe that Amelia was taken by a thing and disappeared in the closet?”

Henry: “I hunt vampires.”

The seven of them had all seen through the veil to the truth.

They all agreed to do some more research on the thing Liam saw. Moya took the talisman to a friend of her’s to look at. The rest of them decided to go see Shane and Elliot’s house.

The house was rundown, but in it’s heyday, it must have been nice. Now the wood was rotting and the roof leaked. They had a third bedroom that Elliot forgot about most of the time. Shane always remembered it though. He saw things out of the corner of his eye when he was in there. And he sweared the room was eating small creatures.

Elliot went to his room to “dream”. He’d been having prophetic dreams for a while now and wanted to see if he could get anything about Amelia.

The rest of them checked out the room. Shane showed them how if he cut his hand and spilled blood on the floor, once everyone left and the door was closed, the blood would be gone upon re-entering. Owen decided right then exorcise it.

Shane took him to the side and admitted that the room had eaten things larger than stray dogs.

Shane: “It’s eaten people.” Owen: “This is definitely something I need to know. How many?” Shane: “Twelve.” Owen: “Oh. This may be more difficult than I anticipated.”

Owen and Parker argued for a bit about whether it was a demon or a ghost. Parker wanted to lay down a containment circle, but Owen emphatically denied his help. Finally, Parker laid it down anyway. Henry opted not to help and instead went to watch Elliot.

Elliot explained about his dreams while Owen, Shane, Liam, and Parker worked on the exorcism. The characters barely got through with Shane making a stunning 12 successes on an assistance roll (with only 4 dice!) and all of them risking a willpower at some point. Barely, but they managed to defeat it.

Elliot told them about a dream he had. They all went to crash Ana’s dinner party. The guests there had rows of sharp teeth like sharks and were tearing at slabs of meat with their hands and teeth like crazed cannibals. Strengthened by their success with the room, they all agreed to let Moya know and go to the party.

Then they had celebration pizza.


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