Controversial Themes.

Players in this chronicle can expect dark themes depicting not only the horrors of the World of Darkness, but the terrible things that human beings do to one another. Themes such as murder, torture, and rape may come up in stories. The World of Darkness is unforgiving, even to the innocent. Child abuse occurs in the world we live in, and it is all the more common in the world the player characters will inhabit. Although these themes will not be ubiquitous, players should be prepared to confront them. Any discomfort with these themes should be discuss with the Storyteller beforehand so that he can properly warn the player when stories arrive that may involve said themes.

Character Development In- and Out-of-Session.

Character development is important to this chronicle. As some character development may have to occur between a small number of characters (sometimes as few as one to two) within chapters, players should expect to have their characters paused for a time to resolve these semiprivate roleplay moments. The Storyteller will make every attempt to limit the amount of time such limited semiprivate roleplaying takes from the rest of the chapter. Character development may also occur during downtime, and players are encouraged to talk to their Storyteller about it, preferably over texts or email.

Character Death.

Player characters may die over the course of the chronicle. Players should be prepared for this eventuality. Although the Storyteller will make every attempt not to single out or target a particular player character, certain actions may elicit the ire of powerful NPCs that may then seek to assassinate the player character. In cases where, for roleplay reasons, a non-player character must target a player character for death, the player character will be given ample opportunity to defend himself, but the player should understand that the Storyteller is running a full story, and that the player character’s actions in the fictional world of The Sons of Men have significant effects both on the world and on the non-player characters that cohabit it. There are Merits that can help player characters check with the Storyteller to ensure that they are protected from ambushes and from making poor in-character decisions that may severely injure or end the character’s life.

Absence and Tardiness.

The Sons of Men begins at 8pm every Thursday night. Players who are going to be absent from or late to a roleplaying session should inform the Storyteller at least 24 hours in advance. Games will not necessarily be postponed for absent players. Player characters may be taken over by the Storyteller for the duration of the player’s absence, or they may be left out of the game altogether. Players who are late only to that session’s previouslies are not technically late to the game, but they may miss out on information crucial to that evening’s story. It is not a guarantee that a tardy player will be able to play in the session to which he was late, although a tardy player who gave sufficient notice also gives the Storyteller time to plan for his tardiness and to allow his character to be introduced later in the session. Characters whose players leave early will be similarly taken over by the Storyteller for the duration of the chapter. Players who must leave early should also inform their Storyteller at least 24 hours in advance by text or email.

Player Interaction.

It is important that players recognize a distinction between in-character and out-of-character action. Player-to-player interaction should always be respectful. Players should refrain from taking their characters’ actions personally. If a player begins acting aggressively toward another player, the Storyteller may pause the game to speak with him. Continually aggressive players may be dismissed by the game.


Players should refrain from doing anything that could be distracting while they are participating in roleplay. Phones and iPads should be used in order to enhance the roleplaying experience, not to detract from it. When a given player’s character is not currently involved in roleplay, the player may do whatever he wants with his phone or iPad (except assault another player with it).


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