An urban legend in its own right, whos fans follow it’s body count on the controversial website Shadow began as a regular serial killer, named “The Shadow Napper” by the Miami Herald, who kidnapped people that preyed on others and presumably rid the world of them. The bodies were never found, but it was assumed that Shadow murdered them and got rid of the remains somehow. All he left at each crime scene was a single pictogram of the reason for which the particular victim was chosen, drawn with the victim’s blood.

As the Miami-Dade Police Department sought out the Shadow Napper, a small internet fandom began to develop surrounding the legend of Shadow, as they chose to rename their serial murderer. Stories began to develop around the persona of Shadow. First, he always wore a hooded cloak and pursued his vitcims with a determined stride. Shadow always gave his victims the opportunity to confess and renounce their sins; if they did so, then Shadow was forced to leave and abandon the hunt for that particular victim. Shadow’s hunts were said to occur on Friday of every seventh week. Over time, the serial killer called the Shadow Napper began to follow the same rules.

The MDPD have attempted to follow the forums on ShadowWatch to locate the Shadow Napper to no avail. Shadow, per his name, always seems to avoid them. Besides, Shadow no longer needs to visit his fansit. On Revenge Week, he always seem to know the identity of the worst of the victims suggested on the forums. He seems to know precisely where to go. No one knows the true identity of the Shadow, nor do they know what happens to the bodies. They never turn up.


1. Guido Flores


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